About Us

“Teaching is a well-regarded profession that provides excitement, challenges and a chance to motivate others to achieve goals. Good tuition teachers are made up of hundreds of qualities that let them do their jobs effectively.”

Smashers education was started with the vision of “Achieving Excellence together” and with this, since last three years is growing continuously. It provides quality education for self reliance. It also provides a learning environment, in which the students and the faculty are driven by the spirit of enquiry in their quest for knowledge.

Why Smashers Education?

  • Affordable fees structure.
  • Classes handle by quality teachers.
  • Time to time motivational sessions for the students.
  • Test series on regular basis.
  • Friendly environment .
  • Problem solving sessions and due attention given to the students.










Mr. Himanshu Kedawat, after completion of his studies got engaged in his own dream of a tuition center which he called as SMASHERS EDUCATION.

As time flipped its pages, his dream filled its canvas with tireless strife and with each stroke of brush it grew closer to making its own masterpiece. According to him, Education at Smashers has been imperatively reinventing itself with a mission to equip its students with right skills and perspectives. His vision of education extends far beyond the classroom. He always believe that striving for perfection is neurotic and striving for excellence is progress. According to him, his students are his kids because in the year togetherness they aren’t just become kids of his class but they become the part of his heart.

He is taking classes since 2014 of accountancy, science (class 10th), IT, Business Studies and Economics.

His saying to his students: “You must do the thing you think you cannot do. No one is coming to save you. This life of yours is 100% your responsibility.